Aviatechnik Corporation has a very extensive in-house Landing Gear maintenance capability.


Aviatechnik Corporation has an extensive in-house component repair/overhaul capability.


Aviatechnik Corporation provides Composite Repair Services for the following aircraft types: ATR 42/72


Aviatechnik Corporation provides a complete live Capabilities Search

Landing Gear MRO

 Aviatechnik Corporation is a TCCA, EASA, ANAC approved Landing Gear MRO and Bombardier Aerospace approved Supplier for Commercial Aircraft. MRO is based in Toronto, Canada with operations worldwide that specializes in Landing Gear Repair/Overhaul and Lease/Exchange services for Regional and Business aircraft.

In addition Aviatechnik provides maintenance on Aircraft System Components and Composite structure.

The aircraft platforms being serviced are by the following aircraft manufacturers: ATR, Bombardier, British Aerospace, Dassault, Embraer, Fokker, Fairchild Dornier.

Who We Are?

Aviatechnik Corporation is Canadian owned and operated company, that specializes in Landing Gear repair/overhaul and lease/exchange services for regional and business aircraft as well as Repair/Overhaul of Hydraulic, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electrical components and Composite Structures.

Aviatechnik’s personnel with over 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry provide our customers with strong expertise, excellent customer support and the highest level of safety and reliability.

Aviatechnik performs repair and overhaul services using the latest tooling and technical data to ensure a quality product is returned to service. OEM approved repairs and replacement parts are used to ensure conformity to type certificate

Customer Benefits

100 % Airworthiness Data Management
100 % Life Cycle Support
100 % OEM Approved Repair Design
100 % Cost Saving PMA/PDA Parts
100 % Extensive Inventory
100 % FOC AOG Support
100 % Outstanding TAT


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