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Who We Are

Aviatechnik Corporation is an approved Landing Gear MRO supplier certified by TCCA, EASA, CAAC, ANAC, and CAAB, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a global operational footprint specializing in Landing Gear Repair/Overhaul and Lease/Exchange services for Regional and Business aircraft.

Our team at Aviatechnik boasts over 40 years of collective experience in the aerospace industry, delivering exceptional expertise, unparalleled customer support, and a commitment to excellence. Our primary focus is to ensure the highest standards of safety and reliability for our customers.

At Aviatechnik, we prioritize your satisfaction and safety. Our dedication to excellence in our work is the cornerstone of our commitment because SAFETY IN THE SKY STARTS ON THE GROUND!

Aviatechnik Corporation is steadfast in its commitment to attaining the pinnacle of safety performance within the aviation industry. Our dedication to quality assurance is reinforced through ongoing development, implementation, maintenance, and enhancement of strategies and processes. Every member of our team, from owners and directors to officers and senior management, is held accountable for the rigorous adherence to both national and international industry standards

– Andrey Rastorguev, Production Manager, CEO, Aviatechnik Corporation


Repair and Overhaul of Landing Gears

Specializing in the Repair and Overhaul of Landing Gears is our forte, backed by decades of collective expertise within our team. We employ cutting-edge equipment, leveraging the latest tooling and technical data to ensure the swift and economical return of a high-quality product to service.

In our commitment to timely repairs, we exclusively utilize OEM-approved replacement parts and adhere strictly to OEM specifications, ensuring seamless conformity to type certificates.

ATR 42/72
CL300/350, CL600/601, CL604/605/650, CL850, GLOBAL – series
DASH-8 100/200/300, DASH-8 400
ERJ135/145, LEGACY 600/650, E170/175, E190/195
CRJ100/200, CRJ700/900/1000
Our team of skilled specialists are dedicated to making sure your parts get repaired—to OEM specifications—in the turnaround times you require.

In-house Maintenance Capabilities include and not limited to:
  • Salvage Repair Scheme Through Engineering Concession
  • Extensive Inventory of Cost Saving Spare Parts and Rotables
  • Customized Maintenance Guidance
  • Airworthiness Data Management
  • OEM Approved Repair Design
  • Outstanding Quality And TAT
  • Life Cycle Support
  • Salvage Repair Scheme Through Engineering Concession
  • Extensive Inventory of Cost Saving Spare Parts and Rotables
  • Customized Maintenance Guidance
  • Airworthiness Data Management
  • OEM Approved Repair Design
  • Outstanding Quality And TAT
  • Life Cycle Support

Aviatechnik’s MRO capabilities

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Quality Assurance

At Aviatechnik Corporation, we take immense pride in our team of skilled specialists dedicated to ensuring that your parts are repaired to OEM specifications within the turnaround times you require. Our commitment to precision and excellence in the repair and overhaul of landing gears is unwavering. Recognizing the critical importance of prompt turnaround, our specialists work diligently to deliver a product of the highest quality within the timelines that align with your specific needs.

Quality is paramount in our work, defining the value we bring to our customers. At Aviatechnik Corporation, this commitment to excellence permeates from our management team to every employee. It is a shared and essential value that drives us to maintain the highest quality system and training standards. We are dedicated to full compliance with airworthiness requirements and industry standards. Furthermore, we continuously strive to enhance the effectiveness of our quality system, providing our clients with tailor-made solutions in technical and engineering support

-Vadym Nechyporenko, Quality Manager, President, Aviatechnik Corporation

certifications Achieved by Aviatechnik Corporation

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Relationship with OEMs

Relationship with OEMs

To ensure your parts get repaired to OEM specifications in the turnaround times you require, our team of skilled specialists is supported by the following OEM agreements:

To guarantee the meticulous repair of your components to OEM specifications within the desired turnaround times, our team of highly skilled specialists operates under the umbrella of various OEM agreements. These agreements include:

SAFRAN LS  – Support and Services Agreement

Aircraft Platforms Supported:
This Agreement provides the following benefits to Aviatechnik and its clients:

EMBRAER S.A. – GTU Agreement LIEBHERR AEROSPACE – License & GTA Agreement

Aircraft Platforms Supported:
These Agreements provide the following benefits to Aviatechnik and its clients:


Timely and Cost-effective Solutions

At Aviatechnik Corporation, we take pride in delivering substantial cost savings through innovative component salvaging solutions. Leveraging an extensive inventory of spare parts, rotables, OEM-approved Engineering Concessions, and Aviation Authority Approved (DER) Repairs, our goal is to swiftly return your assets to the skies with the utmost quality.

Moreover, Aviatechnik offers a comprehensive array of leasing and exchange solutions to assist operators and aircraft MROs in minimizing downtime. Whether you need a temporary arrangement while your parts undergo servicing or seek outright options, we provide a complete spectrum of leasing and exchange solutions.

In our commitment to mitigating AOG situations, we’ve established an expansive rental and exchange pool, featuring a wide inventory of spare parts and rotables. Our Aircraft Components Chapter 32 pool is available for leasing and exchange, contributing to effective solutions to meet your aviation needs.

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Customer Service and Support

Customer Service is an integral and defining aspect of our organizational ethos at Aviatechnik Corporation. We take immense pride in delivering an unparalleled experience to our valued clients, ensuring that their needs and concerns are not only met but exceeded. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction permeates every facet of our operations, making us more than just an aviation service provider – we are a partner invested in the success and seamless operations of our clients.

With a steadfast dedication to providing swift and reliable solutions, our AOG helpline stands as a testament to our commitment to customer support, ready to assist 24/7/365. We understand that the aviation industry operates around the clock, and so does our unwavering customer service. Whether it’s a pressing issue or a routine inquiry, our dedicated team is always ready to provide the assistance and guidance necessary to keep our clients’ operations running smoothly.

My philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that providing clients with the same level of support and care that I would expect reflects the essence of excellent service. In the aviation industry, it’s not merely about expertise; it’s about instilling complete confidence and trust in the services your company offers, creating a recommendation-worthy experience. Aviatechnik Corporation is resolute in its commitment to delivering services that not only meet but exceed expectations, setting a primary goal to ensure our customers receive the service they rightfully deserve.”

-Nataliya Nechyporenko, Sales and Marketing Manager, Aviatechnik Corporation.

Our success story is built on robust relationships that go beyond mere transactions. At every level of our organization, we actively cultivate two-way partnerships founded on principles of trust, integrity, and mutual respect. These partnerships are the cornerstone of our achievements, fostering an environment where our clients can rely on us as more than just a service provider – we are a strategic ally dedicated to their success.

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