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Who We Are

Aviatechnik Corporation is a Canadian owned and operated company, with more than 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Aviatechnik is a one-stop solution for Landing Gear maintenance services, which includes leasing and exchange options, rotable component supply, engineering services, and complete logistics support. 

Aviatechnik Corporation is TCCA, EASA, CAAC, ANAC, and CAAB approved MRO, that specializes in Landing Gear Repair and Overhaul services on various aircraft types. 

Servicing regional and business aviation markets across the world, we pride ourselves on our extensive capabilities, quality workmanship, and ability to provide our customers with timely, cost-effective solutions, and dependable customer support – ensuring that SAFETY IN THE SKY STARTS ON THE GROUND’. 

Aviatechnik Corporation is committed to achieving the highest level of safety performance in the aviation industry. Our quality assurance is backed through the continued development, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of strategies and processes, while also holding every employee—including Aviatechnik Corporation owners, directors, officers, and senior management—accountable for the strict adherence to national and international industry standards.”

– Andrey Rastorguev, Production Manager, CEO, Aviatechnik Corporation


Repair and Overhaul of Landing Gears

Repair and Overhaul of Landing Gears is our speciality, and our personnel boasts decades of collective expertise. We implement state of the art equipment, using the latest tooling and technical data to guarantee a quality product is returned to service quickly and economically.

To ensure prompt repairs, we use OEM approved replacement parts and work to OEM specifications to ensure conformity to type certificate.

ATR 42/72
CL300/350, CL600/601, CL604/605/650, CL850, GLOBAL Express/5000/6000
DASH-8 100/200/300, DASH-8 400
ERJ135/145, LEGACY 600/650
CRJ100/200, CRJ700/900/1000
Our team of skilled specialists are dedicated to making sure your parts get repaired—to OEM specifications—in the turnaround times you require.

In-house Maintenance Capabilities include and not limited to:
  • Salvage Repair Scheme Through Engineering Concession
  • Extensive Inventory of Cost Saving Spare Parts and Rotables
  • Customized Maintenance Guidance
  • Airworthiness Data Management
  • OEM Approved Repair Design
  • Outstanding Quality And TAT
  • Life Cycle Support
  • Salvage Repair Scheme Through Engineering Concession
  • Extensive Inventory of Cost Saving Spare Parts and Rotables
  • Customized Maintenance Guidance
  • Airworthiness Data Management
  • OEM Approved Repair Design
  • Outstanding Quality And TAT
  • Life Cycle Support

Aviatechnik’s MRO capabilities

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Quality Assurance

Aviatechnik Corporation is a Transport Canada (TCCA CAR 573 50-12), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA 145.7264), Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC Part 145 # F011008817), National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC RBAC 145 # 1805-31/ANAC), and Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB.145.F-034) approved MRO with the capacity to support customers worldwide.
“Quality is key to our work and the value we deliver to our customers. From the Aviatechnik Corporation management team to every employee, a common and essential shared value is a commitment to providing the best quality system and training to maintain the highest quality services. We fully comply with airworthiness requirements and industry standard, and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system, delivering customized solutions to our clients in technical and engineering support”

-Vadym Nechyporenko, Quality Manager, President, Aviatechnik Corporation

certifications Achieved by Aviatechnik Corporation

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Timely and Cost-effective solutions

At Aviatechnik Corporation, we pride ourselves in providing drastic cost savings through different component salvaging solutions. Drawing from an extensive inventory of spare parts and rotables as well as OEM approved Engineering Concessions and Aviation Authority Approved (DER) Repairs our aim is to get your assets back in the air in the shortest possible time and with the highest level of quality.

Additionally, Aviatechnik provides a full range of leasing and exchange solutions to help operators and aircraft MROs minimize downtime. Whether you require a temporary arrangement while your parts are being serviced, or are looking for outright options, we offer a full range of leasing and exchange solutions.

To help minimize AOG situations, we have established a vast rental and exchange pool and offer an extensive inventory of spare parts and rotables. Our pool of Aircraft Components Chapter 32 is available for lease and exchange options.

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Customer Service and Support

Customer Service is a fundamental part of who we are.

Promising rapid response times, our AOG helpline, offers dedicated customer support 24/7/365.

“My credo – is to provide clients with the same support and care, that I would want to receive myself. In my understanding, it is not enough just to be experts in the aviation industry, I truly believe that you must have full confidence and trust in the service your company provides to be able to recommend it to others. It is our company’s commitment to deliver the service expected of us and which our customers rightfully deserve is a primary and foremost goal”

-Nataliya Nechyporenko, Sales and Marketing Manager, Aviatechnik Corporation

Strong relationships are the foundation of our success. At every level of our business, we forge two-way partnerships based on trust, integrity, and respect.

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